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Covid-19 in Malta

How many cases of coronavirus are there in Malta? At the moment (19.04.2020) there are 426 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in Malta. The situation may change every day, so we recommend regularly checking the latest information from the authorities.

Can I go on vacation to Malta during coronavirus? Generally, tourists are not recommended to visit crowded places, public events, seafood markets and wild animals. For more detailed recommendations. Before you plan a trip to Malta, be aware that all passengers of all nationalities arriving from all countries, arriving on all air and sea vessels to Malta and Gozo, are required to undergo a 14-day continuous mandatory quarantine period. Upon arrival at your accommodation, please make sure that you do not leave your room under any circumstances. Should I cancel my trip to Malta because of coronavirus?

Whether you should cancel your trip to Malta or not, it depends on several factors. You are highly suggested to reconsider any non-essential travel if:

  • Your journey will take place in an area where an outbreak has occurred.

  • You have a pre-existing health condition, like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, hypertension, cancer, etc.

  • You are over the age of 60, as the rate of those over this age that have been touched by the virus and died, is higher than for the other ages.

  • You have a weak immune system.

The latest

In some parts of Europe, the economy is gradually being reopened, countries start to implement lockdown exit plans. You can start planning you trip in advance looking through some of our properties not in Malta:

What to do if I am blocked in Malta during coronavirus?

In case you are already in Malta, try to assure a comfortable stay for you and your relatives (in case you travel with your family). Private-Apartments offers a large range of flats available during coronavirus period for your stay: See more apartments to rent in Malta.

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