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In Malta during Covid-19 | Travel advice

What to do if I am stuck in Malta during Coronavirus?

If you are in Malta and now your flight back home is cancelled due to coronavirus, there is no need to panic. There are several steps to follow:

Step 1 - Viasa. If you have a visa you will not face penalties you can just apply for a visa extension at the competent authorities. In some cases, you can even be exempted from paying visa fees and taxes. You can receive a visa extension for up to a maximum stay of 90 days.

Step 2 - Flight price reimbursement. If your flight is cancelled due to coronavirus while you are in Malta, you must contact your airline to inquire about rebooking or getting a refund. If you are travelling as part of an organized tour, contact your travel agency. You can also get in touch with your travel insurance provider since they can sometimes offer you assistance for emergencies abroad.

Step 3 - Understand the local environment. Inform yourself more about the living cost in Malta. For this it would be interesting to read the article where we provide a more comprehensive view about prices in Malta here - "Is Malta expensive to live?".

Step 4 - Assure a comfortable stay. What can be more important than living in a suitable place during this period? If you live in a small flat primarily oriented for short term rentals you should think about choosing something more suitable.

If you are travelling with your family you may need an apartment with more rooms and a comfortable kitchen and dining room, like this one:

If you have to work remotely you may need a quiet place, equipped for this kind of activities. You can also enjoy an amazing view while working

If you are with your partner and you may want to have the possibility to enjoy the sunsets from a with a terrace with sea views. If you are searching for a more romantic stay you may consider this apartment:

We offer rentals for a few weeks, months or for the entire confinement time in an elegant and cosy apartment. Private-Apartments offers a large range of flats available during coronavirus period for your stay: See more apartments to rent in Malta.

Please contact us if you are unable to find a suitable property, we are more than happy to help you.

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