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Rent apartment in Malta | Where? and How much? - 2019

Renting an apartment in Malta is not so difficult. Usually, rental offers are represented by classic apartments in residential buildings (several rooms, kitchen, bathroom) and villas. Accommodation in Malta is available for rent with a full set of furniture and household appliances. It often happens that the furniture is of historical value and it is noted separately in the contract.

If you are coming to Malta and you want to rent a penthouse for a long time or for short let you should know a few simple and clear rules.

1) For the preparation of the rental contract you will need to specify the number of the visa, passport data, the period for which will be rented accommodation. We should also note that people on the island live a very leisurely life and therefore rent for up to six months is considered short.

2) As already mentioned above, absolutely any housing is rented on the principle of "come and live". In that case, if the furniture in the apartment is elite or antique, it will affect the cost of housing (increase by 10-15%). There will also be an additional contract for the furniture and its safety. If the furniture is not new or frankly not new, the rental price can be reduced and very significantly (up to 20%)

3) The rental price depends on whether you can see the sea from the apartment (sea view apartments). If the sea is visible, the rental price will be higher.

4) The Presence of expensive household appliances – a reason to raise the cost of rent. So the Elevator, automatic washing machine, air conditioning and everything else can increase the amount of rent, and be sure to be noted in the contract. In that case, if any appliances fail, its repair will have to pay the tenant.

5) Perhaps the most important factor that affects the rental price is its term. The longer the lease term, the less you will need to pay. Many homeowners refuse to rent housing for less than 6 months.

6) Rental involves the opening of the security deposit. Most homeowners require a Deposit of 400 euros. After the rental period expires, the Deposit will be returned to the tenant. But if during the stay the property (furniture or appliances) suffered any damage or became unusable, the Deposit will not be returned.

7) For any type of lease (both long-term and short-term) the tenant will have to pay for all utilities – electricity, water, Parking space. If you use electrical appliances intensively enough, the amount can be very significant, as electricity in Malta is very expensive.

Rent a house in Malta is quite simple. It is best not to do it yourself, and turn to any real estate Agency. Specialized companies always have several options of housing for rent, which are intended both for financially secure tourists and for those who rely on low-cost housing.

How much is an apartment in Malta?

During the holiday season (and it lasts 7 months :D) rent high-quality luxury housing (usually a Villa) will be 4-5 thousand euros. When the tourist flow runs out, the amount of rent falls in at least two.

Classic apartment will cost 1-2 thousand euros per month depending on whether there are sea views from the window. The most democratic and small apartments will cost at least 1.3 thousand euros, although if you look very well you can find much cheaper, but it is difficult to find such housing, as the demand for it is great.

In Malta, it is impossible to agree on a lease without official paperwork. All rentals on the island are absolutely legal and pass through the relevant authorities and are taxed.

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