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Top 5 best places to stay in Malta [Guide 2019]

After a long time of travelling around Malta, out team have a much better understanding of the geography and dynamics of the island; and with that, we can help you to decide where to stay in Malta. Despite the fact that the island is relatively small there are a lot of nice places where you can spend your vacation.

Which is the best part of Malta to stay? The answer depends on what do you expect from your trip. For choosing the best option, it is important to understand the atmosphere of each of the different regions and its alignment with your personal wishes.

Let's start: The rating of 5 best places to stay in Malta.

Where in Malta should I stay?

5. Rabat and Mdina

Rabat is located near Mdina, which is also called the “silent city”, a "museum-city" with lots of historical places to see. Mdina and Rabat are great places to stay if you are looking for a romantic or calm stay. Even the cars are not allowed within the walls of Mdina!

4. Vittoriosa, Senglea and Cospicua (Three cities)

For those looking for a peaceful and quiet environment and understanding better the local atmosphere, far of mass tourism - stopping in Vittoriosa, Senglea or Cospicua - is a very interesting solution. Many tourists do not take this hypothesis into account when look at where to stay in Malta, because it seems too far from Valletta. But it is wrong. Staying "on the other side" of the old town of Valletta has many advantages and allows you to get to a more "clean" Malta (thinking also about the price/quality ratio of accomodation).

3. Sliema

It is well equipped, has many restaurants, good transportation and many accommodation options. The problem is that it lacks the traditional environment that tourists expect to see. However, given these features, Sliema is a good place to stay. It's a matter of expectations.

2. Valletta

The capital city of Valletta is a seemingly obvious choice to stay on the island of Malta. It has a vibrant historical center (it was a desert a few years ago, but it has changed a lot); it has easy access to all public transportation (you'll lose less time on trips); and if you get off the main pedestrian streets stuck during the day with tourists, you'll have peace. Looking for a place to stay in Malta, Valletta usually is the first choice. But, the prices for hotels and apartments are known to be higher than in other areas of the island.

1. St Julian's

From the point of view of entertainment, it is the best place to stay. In past, this town was an ordinary fishing village, but eventually turned into a great resort, maintaining the traditions of the past. The city is considered the center of nightlife in Malta, there are several hundreds of restaurants, bars, nightclubs. It is here the place where one of the best and largest discos in the world is located – Axis. Most of the hotels are five-star (here is the residence of the President of Malta). The city is located around the Gulf of Spinola. If you are not a traveler under the age of thirty and do not want to have fun at night surrounded by other tourists, you can enjoy this very beautiful Bay, on the banks of which live lovely cats and ducks (traditional inhabitants for this archipelago :D). The beaches of the resort are perfect for a comfortable stay.

Find hotels in St Julian's

In conclusion, which area is best to stay in Malta?

Even if most of the published opinions suggest that Sliema or St. Julian's is the best place to stay in Malta, we suggest you to consider also other locations.

  • Stay in Valletta if you prefer to travel a lot around the Malta island (all buses depart from there). On the other hand, in the Maltese capital hotel prices are higher and during the day Valletta is full of tourists.

  • Stay in one of the three cities if you prefer to visit a quiet and traditional Malta with locals rather than being surrounded by tourists; all within walking distance of Valletta. Note the reliance on the price factor.

  • Stay in Sliema if you prefer to be in a more lively area, well served by transport to Valletta and with many restaurants. As long as you do not mind to see a lot of tourists.

  • Stay in St. Julian's only if the focus is nightlife. Overall, it remains one of the best areas to stay in Malta.

  • Consider also the hypothesis of staying in Rabat if you are trying to be in a small town less affected by tourism and with relatively easy access to all parts of the island.

Last recommendation: stay in Malta, book accomodation in advance, it will greatly increase the likelihood of finding good accommodation at a good price. In general, the question about the cost of living in Malta is a separate topic, but be prepared for the fact that some items are expensive, and sometimes very expensive (much more expensive than in Cyprus).

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